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Who are we

Astralink Technology is an Embedded Product and Cloud IT Application Solution Provider. We are the technology specialist for customizing and aggregating a wide range of Internet of Things Gateway and devices, connecting them to Internet through Astralink IoT Platform Service Solution - AT.Things

How we value-add

We work with service providers to simplify IoT solution development cycle, production and service management, helping customers to realize their IoT service potential thus monetizing their use cases quickly.

Create Values and Customize Internet of Things Use Cases
Provide Managed Internet Of Things LifeCycle Service and Support
Monetize Values through User Experience, Data Analytics and Data Services

Astralink Technology Embedded Product Solutions

Astralink IoT Platform Services

Device Management

AT.Things manages the reliability of the connected devices in the ever changing network conditions by providing real-time monitoring of connected devices’ “heartbeat”.



Data Analytics

AT.Things processes and analyses raw data from connected devices. Creating possibilities for service providers to enhance their IoT services.

API Framework

AT.Things provides a reliable API framework packaged in multi-language SDKs. This gives service providers great flexibility in expanding their cloud capabilities; integrating service provision, support, application customization and data analytics has never been easier.

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User Experience

Astralink Technology provides a reference unified application design with various dashboards for all stakeholders of the IoT service eco-system across mobile and web platform.

Use Cases

Astralink Technology targets specific use cases such as Smart home (e.g. Smart Elderly Monitoring & Alert System), Smart Office, Smart Enterprise and Industrial equipment, Logistic and Transport and Hospital Patient monitor and control. Below are some of our deployed use cases.